The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has been monitoring air quality in the Sarnia area for many years to determine the sources of emissions and levels of air contaminants.

In September 2008, the ministry established an air monitoring station in partnership with the Aamjiwnaang First Nation and the federal government, to enhance air sampling capabilities in the vicinity and to support local long-term air quality studies by our ministry and a community health assessment study by the local public health unit, municipality and Aamjiwnaang First Nation.

The new air station contains instruments that will help us to detect contaminants in the local airshed.  The information collected from the station will be used to help us improve your local air quality and support health assessments in the community.

Click here to view the latest MOE report on monitoring results from our Station.

Click here for the MOE presentation to HEC on January 5, 2011

Click here for the latest CAMM report done on April 27, 2011

Continuous monitors  ( data collected in logger , real time)

  • SO2 Monitor , measures sulphur dioxide in ppb , oil refinery, fossil fuel crude oil etc.

  • TRS Monitor , measures total reduced sulphur (primarily H2S) in ppb , crude oil

  • NO,NO2,NOx monitor ,  measures oxides of nitrogen in ppb , power production , transportation.

  • Grimm Particulate analyser , Measures real time inhalable and respirable particulate, P10, P2.5, P1.0 in ug/m3 , combustion, transportation, long range transport.

  • Wind Speed / Wind Direction monitor km/hr and degrees.

  • GC/MS , Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Spectrometer , for analysis of  Volatile organic (contains carbon) compounds in the air. Measures low ppb to ppt depending on the compound. This monitor will generate a concentration of a selected list of compounds every hour.

 6 Day  cycle particulate monitoring

  • PQ100  24hr particulate sampler , uses 47m Teflon filter to collect all particulate for 24 hrs , samples are sent to MOE lab for analysis of

  • TSP (total suspended particulate ug/m3)

  • Metals eg. Copper, Nickel , Cadmium , Chromium , Lead , Iron , Manganese, Vanadium , Zinc in ug/m3.

12 Day cycle  VOC canister sampling

  • Environment Canada to provide 24hr VOC canister sampling on a 12 day cycle.

  • Canister is collected and sent to the Env. Can Lab for analysis

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